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One Ticket!  Easy Connections!


If you’ve ever missed a connection on your multi-airline journey, it could be because you did not have a through-ticket.  That’s one ticket for all of the carriers. This is the best way to ensure that your bags and you make it to the connecting flight.

By making these bookings through LIAT’s Reservations Department you can now have one ticket to/from any of our fourteen(14) territories that link to our nine (9) other LIAT strategic airline partners: JetBlue, Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, Air France-KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Corsair, Surinam Airways, and WinAir.

What this means is one booking that will cover your LIAT segments as well as the other sectors flown by our partners in a single transaction via the LIAT reservation system.   Also, in the event that changes or flight cancellations occur, this new system allows for easier rebooking and notification to the passenger as well as to the carriers involved.  It can also facilitate through check-in, interline baggage tagging and transfers with less hassle if available at the connection airport.

Here is how to book.  Call our Reservations Call Centre at 1-888-844-5428 and have your origin, destination, preferred travel dates, and preferred non-LIAT airline to which you wish to connect.  Once the agent has confirmed your complete booking you must have your credit card available for payment.

Unfortunately, at this time, these types of bookings can only be completed via our Reservations Department and the only payment method accepted is credit or debit cards.

This new system provides you with the ability to do “One-Stop” shopping in a single transaction saving both time and money: time, since you will not have to call more than one airline, and cost as you will not have to pay any additional booking charges.  And don’t forget.  It’s your best chance of minimising a misconnection.


Call our reservations department at 1-888-844-5428 for more details.


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