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Service and Emotional Support Animals

LIAT only accepts dogs as service and emotional support animals. Fully-trained service dogs and emotional support dogs may fly in the cabin at no charge if they meet the below requirements.

• One (1) service dog/emotional support animal per person
• Dog must be clean and well-behaved
• Dog must fit under the seat in front of you (dimensions - width is 24”, height is 10” and depth is 14”)
• The dog must have identification cards, other written documentation, presence of harnesses, tags
• we require that you have current documentation (that is no older than one year) provided on the letterhead of a licensed mental health professional including a medical doctor specifically treating you for mental or emotional disability (e.g. psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker) stating the following.
• That you have a mental or emotional disability recognized in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders –fourth edition (DSM IV).
• That you need the emotional support or psychiatric service animal as accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at your destination;
• You will be required to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained to land the animal in the destination country and any transit stops.
• Additionally, dogs are required to be adequately immunized against rabies for entry into the United States.
• Documentation must be printed to be presented to the airline at check-in.

Service and Emotional support dogs cannot:

- Be seated in an exit row

- Protrude into or block aisles

- Occupy a seat

- Eat from tray tables

Service Dog and Emotional Support Dog Behavior 

Service dog and emotional support dog must be trained to behave properly in public. They won’t be permitted in the cabin if they display any form of disruptive behavior that can’t be successfully corrected or controlled, including but not limited to:

• Growling
• Biting or attempting to bite
• Jumping on or lunging at people

If this behavior is observed at any point during your journey and isn't corrected or controlled, the dog will be considered a pet and all requirements and applicable fees will apply.
Service dog and emotional support dogs must be in your control at all times by leash and / or harness.

Service Dog and Emotional Service Dog Restrictions
Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs assist individuals with emotional, psychiatric or cognitive disabilities. Specific training isn’t required for animals to meet this classification.
Only dogs are accepted as service/emotional support animals. Advanced notice and approval are required to bring a service dog or emotional support dog with you in the cabin.

Trained service animals
Trained service animals have been specifically trained to perform life functions for individuals with disabilities, including but not limited to:

• Visual impairments
• Deafness
• Seizures
• Mobility impairments

Advance Notification
To travel with a service dog or emotional service dog in the cabin, you must submit all required forms at least 48 hours before your flight to our Customer Relations Department ( We will notify you upon document approval.
If you don’t complete or meet all the requirements, your service dog or emotional support dog may be able to fly as a pet. All applicable fees apply for pet transport.

If the service and emotional support dog does not fit under the seat in front of you:

• The dog must be transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

Transportation of pets require import/export licenses and veterinary clearances.

• Pets are only accepted for travel in the hold of the aircraft
• Veterinary clearance inclusive of vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
• Import and export licenses specific to country requirements.

Destination restrictions

The Barbados Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary Services Division has restricted the transportation of service animals in the cabin of the aircraft to their station whether it is where the passenger will be landed or as being transferred to another destination.

St. Vincent
The St. Vincent Ministry of Agriculture has stipulated that animals transiting or landing in St. Vincent require clearance from the Animal Health and Production Division.   You are required to complete the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Animal Import Permit Application and submit it to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. You must travel with and present the import permit and a valid health certificate at check-in for your service dog.


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