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Promotion Brief:
Dominica Jazz 'n Creole 20% Discount

• Description: 20 % discount on return fares to BGI.

• Restriction: Not available on WEBSAVER

• Booking dates: 5th – 15th April 2019

• Travel dates: 2nd – 7th May 2019

• Promotion Code: DJF

• Fare Discount: 20% discount on all fare except the WEBSAVER

• Booking Medium: Website, Travel Agents, Call Centre, Airport Ticket Offices
(NOTE: The promotion code will ONLY be accessible to travel agents via LIAT TA Portal)

• Fare rules: Fare rules of the selected fare will apply to the reservation.

• Blackout Period: None

• Territories/ Routes: Network Wide (Return Journeys into DOM)

• Eligibility: To be eligible for the discount fares bookings must be made between 5th and 15th April, 2019.

Terms & Conditions:

• Promotion Terms & Conditions supersede applicable items in the LIAT (1974) Ltd General Terms & Policies.

• Flights are subject to availability at the time of booking.

• Offer is available only on return bookings.

• All fares quoted are inclusive of fees, taxes and surcharges.

• All fees, taxes and surcharges must be paid at the time of purchase.

• Foreign fares and fees are subject to the rate of exchange applied at the time of payment.

• The promotion applies to new purchases only and not to existing bookings.

• Fares are not guaranteed until purchased.

• Existing credits may not be used to purchase promotional fares.

• A passenger who “No shows” for a flight will forfeit their base fare.

• Other restrictions or special conditions may apply in some territories

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Q: Are the Terms & Conditions for promotions different to the General Terms & Policies?
A: Yes. Promotion Terms & Conditions may differ to similar items in the General or regular Terms & Policies.
Promotion Terms & Conditions for special discounts and/or offers supersede applicable items in the General Terms & Policies.

• Q: Can I change the name on my ticket? 
A: No.                                                              

• Q: Can I change the dates I travel?
A: Yes. Subject to the fare rules of the applicable fare.



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