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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Baggage Restrictions? International Travel
Boarding Passes Pets
Cash/Cheques Refunds
Children Reservations
Credit Cards Special Services Requests (SSR)
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LIAT Travel Insurance LIAT Fuel Surcharge
Online Check In  

What are the baggage restrictions?

Please see our baggage acceptance policy.

Boarding Passes

Since we do not facilitate on-line check-in, at this time, it is not possible to print your boarding passes on-line. Boarding passes will be issued on check-in.


Can I pay for my reservation with cash or cheques?

LIAT accepts cash for payment at all LIAT ticket counter or City office locations. Personal checks are accepted when payment is made seven (7) days in advance of travel date. Online bookings must be paid for with a credit card.


Can I book a reservation with children on

Yes: you can book a reservation for your child/children online.

Can I bring my child’s car seat on board?

Approved infant seats are accepted in the cabin when an additional seat is purchased at a child’s fare for the infant.
Note: Bassinets, infant seats and strollers may be accepted as checked baggage at no extra charge, and are not considered part of the customer’s free baggage allowance.


Which credit cards are accepted by LIAT as payment of my travel?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. Debit cards containing the MasterCard and Visa logos are also accepted for payment on


Why is the offered fare no longer available?

LIAT flights are capacity controlled, which means as each flight sells, your fare may no longer be available. All fares are quoted as "currently" and are only guaranteed at the time of purchase. LIAT offers a range of fares. All fares are subject to change until purchase.


What documentation is required when I travel?

Traveling on the LIAT network is considered International travel. All customers are required to present proof of identity such as a valid government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship such as a passport at the LIAT check-in counter. Passengers must keep proper documentation on their person during travel. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct documents needed for travel to any destination. Passenger’s must also carry a copy of their itinerary as proof of their onward or return journey. 


What type of pets do you allow?

LIAT transports domestic pets only, such as dogs, cats and small domestic birds. Pets are transported in the cargo compartment only and require import/export licenses and veterinary clearances.

How much does it cost to travel with my pet?

Live animals in approved kennels are carried at the below charges:

Weight inclusive of kennel Cost
50lbs and under $100 US
51lbs to 70lbs $150 US


What size carrier do I need for my pet?

Your pet’s container/kennel must not exceed 26" length x 24" width x 36" height.

If I am traveling with a pet, can I book my reservation online?

The number of pets allowed in the cargo compartment is subject to space availability, therefore, you must contact LIAT directly at or the LIAT call centre at 888-844-5428 to book your reservation when traveling with a pet.


How do I obtain a refund?

LIAT fares are non- refundable; however under certain conditions unused transportation may be converted to credit.


How many passengers can be booked on a reservation?

You may book up to nine (9) passengers on a reservation.

If I want to book more than nine (9) passengers, what do I do?

If you would like to book travel for ten (10) or more passengers traveling together as a group, please contact a LIAT sales outlet, the LIAT Call centre at 888-844-5428 or you may contact your travel agent.

How far in advance can I book a reservation online?

Our flight schedules are loaded 330 days out; therefore, you are able to book reservations online up to almost a year in advance.

Can I book a reservation online for same day travel?

Up to three hours before any flight is scheduled to depart, you can book on or via the LIAT Call center at 888-844-5428.

How do I correct a misspelled name on my reservation?

Please contact us at or call the LIAT call centre at 888-844-5428 to correct the spelling of your name on your reservation.

When can I change my reservations online?

You may change your reservations online up to three (3) hours prior to each flight’s scheduled departure.

Can I change the return portion of my itinerary if I have already flown my outbound?

Yes, you may change the return portion of your itinerary online up to three (3) hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

How much is it if I change my reservations?

You will be charged US$45.00 per segment per passenger plus any difference in fare when changing your reservation online and US$50.00 per segment per passenger plus any difference in fare when calling the LIAT call centre.

One of the passengers on my reservation cannot travel with me. How can I remove a passenger from my reservation?

Please contact or call the LIAT call centre at 888-844-5428 and an agent will be happy to assist you.

When can I cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation online up to three hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

Can I cancel the return portion of my itinerary online if I have already flown the outbound?

Yes, you may cancel any portion of your journey on line at least three hours prior to the departure of your flight.

What happens when I cancel a reservation online?

When a reservations is cancelled at least three hours prior to the scheduled time of departure, you are able to apply for a credit of the unused transportation. through or through our Call center at 888-844-5428. Credit can be redeemed for future travel that is booked and completed one (1) year from the date the original reservation was booked.

What happens if I do not cancel my reservation online at or by calling the LIAT call centre?

If you do not cancel at least three hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, do not show up for your flight, or do not board the aircraft for any reason, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will forfeit the value of your reservations. You are therefore advised to always change or cancel any reservation that you do not intend to use.


Can a customer request any special service requests through

All special requests must be arranged by contacting LIAT at or by calling the LIAT call center at 888-844-5428.

Is it safe for me to send my credit card and personal information through

LIAT takes every practical precaution to protect your confidential information. When you book your reservation on, we require you to use a Web browser that has security technology also known as encryption technology, to ensure that your credit card and personal information are safely transmitted via the Internet.


Can I book a reservation online for my child that is traveling alone?

The requirement for additional documentation for the carriage of an unaccompanied minor does not make it possible for a reservation to be made on line. For more details on the requirements for Unaccompanied Minor Travel, please see the travel tips section of our website.


  1.   What is LIAT Travel Protection?

LIAT Travel Protection is an insurance program that LIAT offers through American Home Assurance Company, Antigua branch, a member company of American International Underwriters Holding Co.

This program is especially designed with LIAT clients' needs in mind and is exclusively available via for Caribbean-originating flights. Please note that the program was launched in October, 2008 and is not available for flight bookings prior to the launch date.  

  2.   How do I purchase LIAT Travel Protection?

You can only purchase LIAT Travel Protection while you are booking your flight/s on or any other direct distribution channel from LIAT.   

  3.   Who can purchase LIAT Travel Protection?

Any LIAT guests departing from Caribbean can purchase LIAT Travel Protection while booking their flight/s on or any other direct distribution channel from LIAT.

You can still purchase LIAT Travel Protection even if you are not originating in the Caribbean and/or do not live in the Caribbean as long as you are flying in the region.

  4.   Does LIAT Travel Protection enforce an age limit?

Yes, the Guest must be at least 9 days old and at most 75 years of age to qualify for LIAT Travel Protection.   

  5.   How do I purchase LIAT Travel Protection for my accompanying infant?

If you purchase LIAT Travel Protection, your infant is covered for free! A name is required as long as it is acknowledged that an infant is on board with the Insured Adult (we consider infant up to 2 years old of age). 

  6.   Can I purchase LIAT Travel Protection if I'm travelling for more than 30 days?

Yes! You can. You pay USD 9.40 for the first 15 days and an extra USD 1 for any other additional day up to a maximum of 180 consecutive days.

For example if you are travelling 37 days you will pay USD 9.40 for the first 15 days and an additional USD 22 for the remaining 22 days. Don't worry about quoting, will quote automatically for you.   

  7.   Am I still covered by LIAT Travel Protection if I catch a connecting flight to a different destination?

Under LIAT Travel Protection, air travel coverage is limited to LIAT flights. For the Return Plan, the coverage upon arrival and departure only applies within the original country of destination on an LIAT flight.

If you need additional insurance to cover the rest of your trip, please contact your insurance agent or Travel Guard by Chartis at +1(787)767-5715. 

  8.   Where should I indicate my nominee for receiving benefits?

You don't need to indicate a nominee for your LIAT policy! Flight or Personal Accident benefits paid due to a fatal accident will be made to the estate of the insured while others benefits are paid directly to the Insured.  

  9.   What do I do if I encounter an accident abroad?

Please call Travel Guard by Chartis 24-hr International Assistance Services number: Dial "0" and ask the operator to connect you with +1 408-252-1688. The call is free and reverse charged.

Before taking any action it is important that you call this phone number, covered expenses are expenses for services provided and/or arranged by Travel Guard by Chartis for the transportation, medical services, and medical supplies necessarily incurred as a result of an accident, as detailed in your policy.   

  10.   Can I cancel my LIAT Travel protection?

The insured will be allowed to cancel the policy up to two (2) Days or forty eight (48) hours after purchasing the policy, if the covered trip has not begun.   

  11.   Is LIAT Travel Protection premium refundable?

LIAT Travel Protection is refundable during the cancellation period. If the insured decides to cancel the policy after two (2) days or forty eight (48) hours no premium will be reimbursed.   
  12.   Can I amend my LIAT Travel Protection?

LIAT Travel Protection can be changed once issued even if you are postponing or extending your trip. Any additional premium will be collected, if necessary.   

  13.   What happens to my LIAT Travel Protection - Return Plan if LIAT reschedules my Return Flight to a later date?

LIAT Travel Protection - Return Plan is automatically extended up to maximum of 3 days if your Return Flight is rescheduled by LIAT to a later date.   

  14.   Do I have to carry a copy of my Insurance Confirmation with me when travelling?

No, you don't need to carry a copy of your Insurance Confirmation. All you need is your Certificate Number and the 24-hour Travel Guard by Chartis Services Number (+1(408)252-1688).

  15.   What do I do if I did not receive or lost my Insurance Confirmation?

LIAT Travel Protection was successfully processed if it is reflected on the Confirmation Page and in your LIAT Itinerary.

To get a copy, simply e-mail us your Certificate Number (if available), Full Name, Flight Booking Number, Travel Dates, Date of Purchase and E-mail Address by clicking here.

  16.   Where can I get the full terms and condition of my LIAT Travel Protection?

The Full Terms and Conditions of your LIAT Travel Protection is available in our Policy Wordings Section.  

  17.   What kind of benefits do I get with LIAT Travel Protection?

For more detailed information about the benefits available under LIAT Travel Protection, please visit our Description of Coverage section.  

18.   When does my LIAT Travel Protection coverage begin?

For One Way Plan, coverage commences when you check-in at any immigration counter for your LIAT departure flight.

For Return Plan, coverage commences when you check-in at the immigration counter and ends when you return on your LIAT flight.

The Trip Cancellation Benefit takes effect on the certificate Issue Date.  

19.   How will my outpatient accidental medical expenses be paid under LIAT Travel Protection?

You will be reimbursed for accidental medical expenses incurred as a result of a covered accident as detailed in the terms and conditions.  

20.   Can I continue my medical treatment for injury sustained overseas after I return home?

Yes! As long as the initial treatment is received during the trip and all expenses are incurred within 30 days after the return. The maximum sum payable is equivalent to 10% of the Accidental Medical Reimbursement limit.  

21.   If I require treatment for an illness during my trip, can I claim for medical/hospital and other related expenses?

Yes, LIAT Travel Protection covers sickness-related medical expenses, however they must be sudden and not a pre-existing condition.  

22.   Does LIAT Travel Protection cover sports and other similar activities?

As long as the activities are not performed under competition or professional sports or to earn income, they are covered without limitation or restriction. For more details, please refer to the full terms and conditions of coverage.  

23.   Can I cancel my LIAT itinerary for any reason and get all my money back through my Trip Cancellation Benefit?

The Trip Cancellation Benefit is only applicable for insurable reasons indicated in the full terms and conditions.

Covered reasons include the loss of LIAT ticket, unforeseen emergencies such as illness, injury or death involving you and/or an immediate family member.  

24.   Can I still buy LIAT Travel Protection if I have a pre-existing condition?

Yes! However, LIAT Travel Protection has exclusions on pre-existing conditions as detailed in the full terms and conditions.

"Pre-existing Condition" refers to any Symptom which existed prior to the Effective Date leading to a claim under this Insurance Confirmation that you knew about before you purchased LIAT Travel Protection.  

25.   Does my Baggage & Personal Effects Benefit cover theft?

Yes, LIAT Travel Protection covers theft (and damage due to attempted theft) as long as it occurs during your scheduled flight with LIAT.  

  26.   How do I file a claim?

In the event of an insurance claim you can download a copy of our Notice of Claim Form which is available in ENGLISH. After completing please submit with all supporting documents to the contact indicated in the form.

  27.   How long is the claim processing time?

Claims will be processed within 14 days after you've submitted all required documentation.

  28.   What is the time limit for filing a claim?

All claims must be submitted to American Home Assurance Company, Travel Guard by Chartis within 30 days after the date of the incident. And in the event of accidental death, immediate notice thereof must be given to the Company.  

29.   What do I do if I disagree with the claims decision made?

LIAT Travel Protection will advise you in writing of your right to appeal the claim decision and the procedures for filing an appeal with American Home Assurance Company, Antigua branch.


LIAT Fuel Surcharge

1. What is a Fuel Surcharge?

 It is a charge that is applied on all flights that reflects the fluctuating price of worldwide oil and jet fuel. It applies to tickets for all passengers including children and infants and is intended to help cover excessive fuel expenses. LIAT will have three fixed Fuel Surcharges which will be applied in accordance with trip mileage. It will be adjusted on a bimonthly basis according to market prices.


2. Why is LIAT re-introducing the Fuel Surcharge at this time?

 Fuel is LIAT’s second largest cost factor and any large fluctuations in this area can negatively impact the financial status of the Company. The average price of aviation fuel has risen dramatically during 2010 and 2011. LIAT’s fuel expenses for 2010 were $10 million more than 2009. Should present high fuel prices continue, LIAT’s fuel bill can be expected to increase by another $16 million for 2011. The Fuel Surcharge will allow the airline to target revenues for meeting its escalating fuel costs.


3. How much is the Fuel Surcharge and how is it calculated?





% of total


USD per One Way Route


USD per roundtrip Route

Tier 1





Tier 2










Weighted Ave Surcharge



 The Fuel Surcharge operates under a three tier system. There are three possible fees, one of which is applied per passenger for every one-way trip and will be based on the trip mileage.


4. When will the Fuel Surcharge go into effect?

 The Fuel Surcharge will be effective from August 15, 2011. It will be applied to any ticket purchased on or after that date.


5. Will I be required to pay the Fuel Surcharge if I purchase my ticket prior to August 15, 2011 even if my travel date is after the effective date?



6. For what period of time should passengers expect to pay the Fuel Surcharge?

 The Fuel Surcharge will be in effect until the price of fuel stabilizes.


7. How will LIAT collect the Fuel Surcharge?

 The Fuel Surcharge will form part of your ticket purchase price and be collected in the same manner as all other applicable taxes and fees.


8. Will the Fuel Surcharge be displayed on its own or combined with the base fare?

 It will be displayed separately. Keeping it separate has two advantages. First and foremost the surcharge is visible to the customer and secondly this allows for easy adjustment to the surcharge every two months.


9. Will I be charged per one way trip?

 Yes, depending on the distance travelled, the Fuel Surcharge will range from a minimum of US$12.50 to a maximum of US$20.00 per one way trip. You will not pay more than US$20.00 per trip or US$40 for a roundtrip.


10. When will a determination be made to re-assess the Fuel Surcharge?

 The Fuel Surcharge will be re-assessed every two months and will be adjusted according to changes in the jet fuel prices on the world market. At that time, it will be determined whether to adjust the surcharge upwards, downwards or remove it entirely.


11. Where does the money from the Fuel Surcharge go?

 The money will be used to alleviate the costs associated with the rising fuel bill.


12. Do other airlines have a Fuel Surcharge?

 Yes, most major airlines including British Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and Virgin Atlantic apply a Fuel Surcharge to passenger ticket cost.


13. Will I be credited the Fuel Surcharge if I cancel my travel plans?

 Yes, once a credit is created in accordance to the Company’s normal procedures, for a passenger booking that was not utilised, the fuel surcharge will also be credited.



Online Check In  


1. What is Online Check In?

This is a facility through which passengers with only carry on hand baggage with a confirmed booking on a LIAT flight can check in through the LIAT website before arriving at the airport.


2. Who can use Online Check In?

Passengers who have a ticketed reservation and who have no checked baggage may enjoy the Online Check In facility. Only passengers with carry-on baggage, where the reservation has no balance owed, will be allowed to check in online at this time. Non-revenue passengers travelling on a confirmed status are able to use this service. Passengers booked on stand-by are not able to utilise online check in regardless of whether the reservation is paid in full or not.


3. What is required to check in online?

Passengers must have a PC/laptop or electronic device that has web connectivity and is connected to a printer to utilise this facility.


4. What is the earliest and latest time I can check in online?

Passengers can enjoy online check in and select the seat from 24 hours up to 2 hours prior to the departure time through the LIAT Online Check In pages.


5. Which flights/departures are available for Online Check In?

Currently Online Check In is not available for travel from Anguilla, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Guyana, St Croix, St Thomas, St. Vincent and Tortola. Online Check In is available for all other territories in the LIAT network. Territories are subject to change. Check for any changes or updated information.


6. How do I check in online?

Online check in pages are accessed via the internet from Simply click on the "Online Check In" link at the top of the homepage; enter the booking details in one of the available search options; click on the Find Booking button to retrieve the reservation and follow the instructions.


7. Can an entire family or group booked in a single PNR be checked in together?

A maximum of nine passengers can be simultaneously checked in online.


8. Can infants also be checked in?

Infants booked in the PNR can be checked in along with their associated adult passenger in the booking. An individual infant boarding pass will be printed at the end of the check in process.


9. What time should I be at the airport and what should I do on my arrival?

Passengers who check in online are advised to arrive at the airport at least one hour prior to their scheduled departure time and proceed through immigration, security and any other government port required formalities. Passengers must ensure that they are present in the boarding area no less than 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.  Some countries require that a completed copy of an immigration E/D card is deposited at the immigration desk. In some territories, this requirement may also apply to locals leaving the country. If you are not sure if this requirement is enforced in your country, please contact your local LIAT office. LIAT cannot guarantee boarding for late arrivals and passengers who appear at the boarding gate late due to failure to adhere to the above government procedures may be denied boarding.


10. What if I have baggage to check?

Online Check In is only available for passengers with hand baggage at this time. To avoid any inconvenience, passengers with baggage to be checked in should not check in online and arrange to be present at the airport counter at least two hours before their scheduled flight departure time.  The limits for hand baggage are one piece weighing no more than 15 lbs/7 kgs.  Passengers arriving with more baggage than permitted may be charged at the gate for these items.  Any passenger carrying baggage that is considered checked baggage will be asked to return to the LIAT check in counter, where they will have to queue and wait to check in the bags.


11. Can passengers requiring special assistance such as wheel chairs, unaccompanied minors etc. check in online?

Passengers with special requests like wheel chairs, unaccompanied minors etc are required to check in at the airport counter where they will be personally assisted. Only passengers with confirmed bookings without any special service requirements may check in online.


12. How do I cancel Online Check In if I decide not to travel?

Cancellations can be facilitated either at the check in counter at the airport by a LIAT representative or by contacting the LIAT Call Centre at 1 888 844 5428.


13. When travelling to or transiting the U.S. mainland or one of its overseas territories, am I required to enter a final destination address?

As mandated by the U.S. authorities, each passenger is required to enter the physical address where they will be staying within the mainland United States or its overseas territories. If your final destination is not the U.S and you are in transit to another country, you should submit the address for that location instead.


14. Can I request seats online?

No, presently all seats are automatically assigned. However, for passengers who are under the same PNR, the system is designed to seat all passengers together, wherever possible. In the event that several passengers have checked in online and one or more of the passengers did not have an adjacent seats to the other passengers, this may indicate that no other seats are available on the aircraft. To avoid this, we advise passengers who check in online to utilise the service as early as possible, especially if there is more than one passenger in the reservation. Please be advised that emergency exit seats will not be automatically assigned online.


15. I would like to be seated in an emergency exit row

Emergency exit seats can only be assigned at the airport once the airport check in agent is satisfied that the passenger meets the criteria for that section.


16. I would have preferred a different seat from what was assigned online. Can I change the seat?

It is possible that seats can be adjusted, depending on the number of passengers on board the flight, and how many have already checked in.  The passenger must go to the airport check in counter prior to the flight departure to request seat re-assignment.


17. What happens if one of my flights in the itinerary falls outside the 24 hour limit?  Can I still check in for all sectors in the booking?

Unfortunately not.  You can check in for the initial sector which falls within the time limit, but can only check in for the next or subsequent sectors once the online check in is open for that flight, ie, 24 hours prior to departure.

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