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Capital: Roseau
Airports: Canefield & Melville Hall
Land Area: 289 sq. miles
Population: Approx 70,000
Currency: E.C. Dollar
Dominica National Development Corp.
(767) 448 2045

Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-eek-a) sits midway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, just a few miles from Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the north. The island's official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is mostly referenced in official communiqué and to distinguish the island from its northerly Caribbean sister, the Dominican Republic. The island is sparsely populated with around 70,000 people inhabiting its 289.5 square miles. Dominica is an arcadia of unspoiled nature. Tropical forest coats two thirds of the island, which nourishes 1,200 plant species. Rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls abound, fed by the islands high annual rainfall. Its volcanic physique points to extensive geothermal activity above and below sea level. The island is one of only a couple in the Caribbean still with populations of the pre-Columbian Carib Indians.


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