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International Courier Services

Please take a few moments to complete LIAT's courier services questionnaire. Your comments are important to us and will help us to improve our quality of services.

Kindly complete the questionnaire in full with your email address and get a chance to win US $200 Courier/Cargo Vouchers in shipping to any of LIAT's 21 destinations.

1: Do you use a courier service to send documents and packages internationally?


If you do not use an international courier service go to question 10.


2: If Yes: To which destination do you send packages?

Caribbean International Both


3: Tell us about yourself. Do you use courier services as:

An Individual A private organisation A government organisation


4. How often in the last 2 years have you used the following couriers for Caribbean destinations:

Never 1-5 times 6-10 times11+ time
LIAT Quikpak
Fedex Express
DHL Express
United Parcel Service (UPS)


5: Satisfaction With Services: How would you rate LIAT Quikpak in the following areas

Extremely Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Extremely Dissatisfied
Airport Pickup :
Door-to-Door Delivery :
Airport-to-Door Delivery :
Door-to-Airport Delivery :
Same Day Pickups :
Professionalism of Staff :
Online Tracking :

6: Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with our service?

No Continue to Question 7


7: Which destinations have you experienced service deficiencies?


8: From which location do you normally send packages?

Quikpak Counter Broker/Handling Company My Office


9: How important is online tracking for you?

Essential Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important


10: What are your main expectations from a courier which services the Caribbean?


11: In which country do you normally reside?


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