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ST. JOHNS, Antigua, July 07, 2009 – Regional airline LIAT announced Tuesday that it had changed the name of its in-flight magazine from LiME to ZiNG.

However, LIAT Project Marketing Manager Hughvon Sealey said that despite the name change, the format of the publication was retained because of the many accolades received to date of its high, professional quality and excellent content.

“When we created LiME nine months ago, the idea was to produce a publication that had a strong, unique identity; with a name that not only reflected the essence of West Indian charm but which would be strongly identified with LIAT, an airline that transports more than a million passengers each year among 22 Caribbean destinations,” Sealey said.

“When a telecommunications company rebranded as Lime at the end of last year, it was felt that we should rename the publication in order to preserve our corporate identity and ensure that as LIAT’s customer magazine, our passengers and readers identify ZiNG as uniquely LIAT’s.

For those who may not be too familiar with the word “ZiNG” Sealey explained that it is defined as VIBRANT, ENERGETIC and DYNAMIC; adding that these were some of the qualities that mark our high-energy publication.

“We wanted a name that still reflected what we and our valued customers are about: living life to the full, with zest and optimism. A fun word with oodles of energy, we hope ZiNG will reflect the way you live your life.

“Other than the title change, the magazine remains the same, with the same publishers, motivation and aspirations and we hope it will continue to interest and inspire everyone to Live Life to the Full,” added Sealey.



About LIAT
LIAT is one of the leading Caribbean airlines. It is owned by regional shareholders, with the major shareholders being the Governments of Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  More information about LIAT may be found at

Media contact:
Desmond Brown, Corporate Communications Manager, LIAT (1974) Limited, Head Office, Sealey Building, Sir George Walter Highway, Antigua. Telephone: +268 480 5600 EXT 6222, fax: +268 480 5638 and email:


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